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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 5.

Sitting at the window of the kitchen, sipping fresh juice in the sun, I am enjoying the light breeze sifting through my hair. The weather is incredibly gorgeous, so warm and welcoming, yet fresh at the same time. No suffocating,thick humid heat.
I'm in a T-Shirt and flip-flops. Birds chirp and flutter around the branches of the large oak tree opposite, and Sangpil waves at me from his kitchen window, then continues to bustle about with his gourmet cooking (ramen noodles, presumably).

I feel much better now, compared to these last 24 hours.

Yesterday. Brief trip to Düsseldorf. Kim, the only other Erasmus student from Malta, wasn't feeling well. Neither was I. Recovering from a cough, and both of us developing a headache, we spent two hours wandering around aimlessly in the city. It was beautiful though, and we did enjoy looking round, especially the marketplace, with all the gorgeous flowers and fruit and vegetable with a fantastic range of colours and smells. We spent at least 45mins trying to find a toilet, though. Do Germans not pee so often? Anyways, we couldn't find a public bathroom so we snuck into a cafe.

Later, once we parted, I was alone in my room. Wasn't feeling too good. Had eaten this danish pastry thing which tasted good at the time but made my stomach upset later. Was having mixed feelings, I was tired but couldn't sleep - didn't know what to do so emailed a dear friend of mine then spoke to him on Skpe and felt much better. Went for a walk, then made friends with some German students and we went out to a party. Met my flatmate Patrick too. He seems pretty...nice.

The party seemed a little tame at first, but after an hour everyone loosened up; there was free beer, and even those who weren't smoking pot directly got a little high from passive smoking for sure! The Dj at the party was really good, and I noticed that there were way more guys than women. I rather enjoyed all the attention I got - it was quite different from the usual 'hamalli' whistling and attempting to grab your rear end, but it was basic conversation and offering to buy you a drink. Made friends with a 25year old guy called Jan who spoke English very well.

Anyways, I get back in a far better mood than I left. I fall asleep, switching my cellphone off to that the alarm won't come on in the morning. I wake up around 9am. I switch it on again to check the time. A message immediately arrives.

"Tasha, pls when u wake up come to my flat, I have a problem!"

I text back "I just woke up. What happened?"

A minute later, she texts "Open up please, I'm at your door."

I shake off the sleep and go to open.
She is standing there, and I see the expression on her face.

"What the hell happened????"

She shakily looks and me and mutters;

"Someone broke into my flat."

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