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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Das Mädchen ist in Deutschland*...or soon to be, anyways...

(*the girl is in Germany*)

The girl on the rock... will officially be leaving the rock for half a year.

No more lethargic heat, dusty air, inefficient everything, pastizzi, flip-flops, family 'iklas' (dinners), or the smell of sun-block-drenched tourists. All the things that remind me of Malta, things that remind me of home.

I feel (as Asia-Boy aptly called it) as though I'm in limbo.

Torn between excitement, and a knotted feeling of dread in my stomach. One of my greatest dreams, to live and study actually coming true. Holy Scheiße!

I've been trying to prepare; started listening to German music, am attempting to read 'Der kleine Prinz' (the little Prince), practise a little Deustch with the German customers at work. But nothing can really prepare you for the fact that you're going to be living alone, for half a year, in a strange country.

We'll see. In the meantime, 9 days to Düsseldorf.

I have a hundred and one (einsundhundert?) things to do. Stuff to buy, pack, check, fix, prepare.

A large cardboard box and a small one lean against the wall near my half-naked desk, both fiercely taped shut. Books.

The rest of my room looks like 9/11.

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